A python framework for creating bots on the StackExchange network. Builds upon ChatExchange to create a nice framework to help you make bots without the nitty-gritty you would otherwise have.


  • ChatUser management, along with privilege levels. Set up privilege levels using a single line of code. Botpy also provides different privilege chat commands to get your privilege system up and running in seconds!
  • Command management, which you can easily extend with your own commands. Provides a simple template to make commands. Also provides a huge number of default commands you can configure.
  • Redunda support, to help you run multiple instances at the same time and also have backups of all your bot data.
  • A fully functional background task manager using threads, which allows you to add your own tasks. Automatically stops and starts tasks based on the status of the instance.


Botpy has been thoroughly tested on Python 3.6 (and should work on all versions above Python 3). To install the latest version from PyPi, simply run:

$ pip3.6 install -U BotpySE


$ sudo -H pip3.6 install BotpySE


Compatibility issues with versions of python below 3.6 will not be fixed by the author.


The PyPi package is named BotpySE, not Botpy.


Licensed under WTFPL (official site, license text). Use this project for whatever the fuck you want to do.